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NOT even two topless male models outside the Abercrombie clothes shop could compete with the opening of Apple’s fourth and biggest store in Spain.

Emotions were running high at the La Cañada shopping complex in Marbella last Friday as the curtain rose, nearly 100 staff rushed to the front to the chants and cheers of the crowd outside.

Employees sang, chanted and stomped their feet and raised their hands.

When the doors finally opened they formed a long passage which the first customers ran down to cheers, some with their iPad’s recording the moment.

The first 1,000 customers got a free t-shirt and each one ran the gauntlet throughout the morning as the shop filled with customers.

“It was the best experience of my life,” said the Apple store’s first customer, 31-year-old watch repairer Guillermo (William) Ruiz. He had been waiting outside La Cañada shopping centre since 7pm the night before. “I went early as it was very important to me that I was the first person,” said William.

“About five minutes later the second person arrived, so I got there in the nick of time. Between then and about 8am there were about 20 of us camping out overnight, then the line began to fill quickly and by 10am there were thousands.”

William was one of the many hopefuls who wanted to work at the new store.

“I have gone to two interviews and am still trying,” he said. “The human resources manager has agreed to meet with me for the third time to get to know me. I already feel like everybody here is like a second family and it would mean the world to me if I could work here; it is my ambition.”

The Apple store takes up 1,700 square meters on the ground floor opposite the main entrance of the La Cañada shopping complex in Marbella.

This is the first Apple Store in Andalucia and fourth in Spain. In the past year, three Apple Stores have opened in Madrid and Barcelona to long queues of people eager to get through the doors.

While most of the companies involved in the creation of this store were Spanish, one of them was Costa del Sol based British company, Oasis Energy Solutions.

In addition to offering Apple products, this store has a ‘Genius Bar’, which offers technical support and help for Mac, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and iPhones.

By Nicole Hallett

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Marbella has enjoyed an extremely good November again with an average of 19 degrees, as this article is being written it is enjoying a cloudless sky and beaming sun. Marbella beach had sun worshippers enjoying the sun at the weekend with many in bikinis and swimming trunks.

As many famous ski resorts in places such as Switzerland anxiously await snow that some fear may not come until mid way through the season, Metta Estates have welcomed the ski season opening in Sierra Nevada with good snow levels. It is only a 2 hour drive from Marbella now that the high speed motorway is now open. Local businessman Cristopher Daley is excited about visiting next weekend with his friends and family “I love living in Marbella and being so close to Sierra Nevada. Where else in Europe can you get 20 degree sun and be on the beach one day, and then within 2 hours be skiing in a resort full of snow the next?”

This is a link to a video of the snow there taken on the 23rd November:

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Supercar enthusiasts are in for a treat after the announcement of the opening of Spain´s first Mclaren car dealership on the 15th December at Guarnieri Concesionarios, San Pedro, Marbella. Prices for the exotic vehicles start at £310,000, and it is just another demostration of luxury brands flocking to Marbella as they see it as a centre for growth while other parts of the world experience tough economic times.

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The Costa del Sol´s “Golden Triangle” which is formed by Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis is becoming more and more popular with wealthy Russian and Arabic investors. With regards to the Russian investors Ricardo Arranz from the Federation of Developers and Residential Tourism said “We are talking about a wealthy client who is looking for a specific type of luxury, highly priced property, and who already knows the areas they are most interested in”. A lot of local agents are now starting to take on Russian speaking employees due to the large number of growing clients – Metta Estates being one of them. The Costa del Sol has always been popular with investors from the Middle East with figureheads such as King Fahd of Saudi Arabia (who had a palace built here) regular visitors. But now the with “The Arab Spring” uprising occuring, wealthy arabic investors are flocking here as they see the Costa del Sol as a safe investment and enjoy the Moorish influenced culture, excellent infrastructure, and liberal Spanish attitude.

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Apple are due to open their largest store in Spain in the La Canada shopping centre in Marbella on the 17th November. It will create 65 new jobs and has already got local Apple fanatics buzzing. Miguel Sanchez, a 21 year old local student said “I want to be the first person into the store and will queue overnight if necessary!”

It is yet another bold move by a global giant investing in Marbella. Local businessman Diego Lopez said “Having the largest Apple store in Spain come to Marbella only highlights the areas financial strength, these companies are not coming to other areas and although the population isn´t the largest in Spain it is a centre for wealth and large organisations such as Apple recognise this. Having them arrive can only be a good thing for my business and the area”

The huge store will be over 1700m2 and rumour has it that Apple will be unveiling something special not seen in other Apple stores. Watch this space!!

Article written by: Wallace Shawn