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Vladimir Putin is buying a property in the luxury urbanization La Zagaleta in Benhavís near Marbella, which he calls “my place in the world”, where He has planted fruit trees and installed three hives with ”fantastic honey”

Vladimir Putin is buying a property in the luxury urbanization La Zagaleta in Benhavís near Marbella, which he calls “my place in the world”, where he has planted fruit trees and installed three hives with ”fantastic honey”

It was confirmed today that Putin was convinced to purchase the property by the former Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, who already lives In the development.

In this area of nearly nine hundred acres, lying on the slopes ofthe mountainous Ronda with spectacular views to the African coast, the residents can experience complete privacy. For Vladimir Putin La Zagaletawill is a perfect haven as he practices hunting, horseback riding, plays tennis and implements a long list of ingredients for healthy life.
Those who live in the urbanisation have the right to vote on whether or not to accept any new neighbour. A link to a video of the estate


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Spain could attract a new wave of British holidaymakers following evidence that prices of holidays have crashed by as much as 40 per cent compared to five years ago.

Spain comes out as the second cheapest destination with a price of £37.72 for the eight items, while Sri Lanka, which has seen serious political unrest, was the best value at just £27.95.

A fall in local prices on everything from a restaurant meal to suncream has combined with the fact that the pound is at a two year high against the euro to make the Costas more affordable.

The claims come from an annual survey conducted by the Post Office, which measures the prices of eight items in resorts across 33 destinations around the world.

At the other end of the scale was Australia at a staggering £115.69 for the same items, together with Barbados, Singapore and New Zealand.

The firm’s Holiday Money Report concluded: ‘Prices in the Costa del Sol are now 40per cent lower than five years ago, when we conducted the first price barometer.

‘The cheaper cost of travel to Spain will make it a compelling choice for bargain hunters. So does the rising value of the UK pound – up 6.4 per cent against the euro in the past three months.’

The eight items included in the price comparison are a cup of coffee in a bar or café; a bottle of local beer; a can of Coca-Cola; a 1.5 litre bottle of mineral water from a supermarket; a bottle of suncream; insect repellent; a pack of cigarettes; and a three course evening meal for two adults, including a bottle of house wine.

The fact that the selection of items is small, while they are not bought from exactly the same outlet every year, suggests the figures can be skewed. However, they give a general indication of the shift in prices.

The researchers found resort prices have risen in two-thirds of the destinations it surveyed. The biggest rises were recorded in Kenya, where the basket was 52 per cent more expensive than a year ago, and Portugal, where the increase found was 39 per cent.

However, the report found that sterling is stronger against 29 other major currencies than a year ago, which should help offset higher resort prices

Turkey has seen a tourism boom in recent years on the basis of its perception as a cheap option. This year, it only placed 17th in terms of the cheapest option, while it was 60per cent more expensive than Spain.

The Post Office head of travel money, Sarah Munro, said: ‘Given that sterling is worth around 20 per cent more than a year ago against the Turkish lira, we expected to see a lower barometer cost for Turkey, especially as the country had a disappointing 2011. 

‘However, we were surprised to find that local costs have actually risen by 21 per cent and it is only the strong sterling exchange rate that is masking

Italy came out as the most expensive European destination with the basket of items costing £89.03.

Miss Munro said: ‘The message that came out clearly from our holiday budgeting research was that 2012 will be all about affordability.  Holidays may still be a priority but they are not a necessity and people will not knowingly get into debt to fund them. 

‘The winning destinations will be those that offer good value not just for flights and accommodation, but for tourist staples like meals out and drinks.”

‘However, it will pay people to keep a watchful eye on exchange rate movements as well as considering easy ways to save money.





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Malaga Airport concludes 2011 with almost thirteen million passengers. Just over 12.8 million, to be precise, which means an increase of 6.3%, or in other words, 800.000 more than the previous year.

These figures, provided yesterday by Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), reveal that the Malaga-Costa del Sol terminal has made its personal lift off until reaching the standards of 2008, first year of the impact of the crisis. Despite the recovery, the registered figure of passengers is still far away from the historical record of 2007, in which this airport, yet without the new terminal, surpassed the amount of 13.5 million travellers.

From the air traffic statistics in these facilities, the consolidation of the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport as the entrance gate of foreign travellers is well worth mentioning. In fact, out of the overall of passengers, 10.097.117 travelled in international flights, almost seven points more than the previous year.

The national market also maintained a positive balance, in spite of the improvements of high-speed trains and the symptoms of laziness that the Spanish tourism seem to show. Nevertheless, Aena explained that 2.665.348 passengers that travelled between Spanish cities passed through the terminal, 4.6% more compared to the same period the previous year.

The majority of those who passed through Malaga airport between January and December 2011, an amount of 12.762.465 to be precise, used commercial flights.

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McLaren will manufacture an even higher performance version of Top Gear´s car of the year – the MP4-12C. It will be ultra exclusive with only 5 being made globally, 1 of these exotic machines will be sold right here in Marbella. For any potential buyers out there be careful of the speed camera on the A7!!

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Spain boost as more visit, stay longer and spend more

By Kevin Barnett, 26 Oct 2011

Spain is heading for a return to tourism domination as the 2011 visitor figures soar towards a record 57 million, boosted by higher numbers of independent travellers staying in rented accommodation along their favourite Costas.

80% of tourists now book their own flights and accommodation. Average stay in owned apartments or rented villas is now 15 days – twice that of hotels, who have had record occupancy in 2011. Average stay rose two percent and more people came from the UK than any other country.

There are now 370,000 Brits living full-time officially in Spain, drawn especially to the Costa del Sol by the Californian climate, cheap food and drink, fiesta lifestyle and above average life expectancy. thousands more are planning to join them after Britain came bottom in a survey to find the best place to live. The summer city riots have influenced thousands more to quit the UK.

A Lloyds TSB survey found 67% of Brits living in Spain “had no plans to return to Britain” and 74% claimed quality of life was better. The survey found 87% of Brits felt safer in Spain “which is a better place to bring up kids”.

Commenting on the latest official survey, a spokesman for the Spanish Government said: “We could end this year with 57 million tourists visiting our country. The figures so far show an increase of 8.5%.”

Holidaymakers stay an average of 11 days and spend EUR 90 a day, with more than half going on transport, excursions and eating out.

Many northern Europeans combine property viewing trips with a few days on the beach or golf course, according to Spanish bank specialist PropertyInSpain.Net as a well planned itinerary allows time for both. A spokesman said: “One buyer chose the property, completed the sale 10 days later and moved in for a longer stay.”

A EUR 400M super marina is planned for the Costa del Sol and a Seaside Railway could link beach resorts to Malaga Airport. A new motorway also opens this week chopping off an hour in the length of time it takes to drive to Madrid-