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MILLIONAIRE businessman Flavio Briatore is to open a ‘Billionaire Club’ here in Marbella.

 The former Formula One mogul and football club owner – who famously dated supermodel Naomi Campbell – is due to open the venue on Marbella’s most exclusive spot the Golden Mile next month.

The venture will be the fourth Billionaire Club to be launched  along with branches in Istanbul, Monaco and Sardinia.

The 58-year-old Italian – married to Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci, 28 – is known to have a love of Marbella with his yacht, Force Blue, regularly seen in Puerto Banus.

The club will open on the site of the former La Leyenda restaurant on July 5 with Metta Estates staff invited to the opening party.

Posted by & filed under Marbella property, Metta Estates. second edition of the Marbella Luxury Weekend will be held in Puerto Banus from May 31 to June 3.

The mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, said it was an opportunity to boost Marbella’s image as a luxury destination throughout the world.

A unique brand, the ‘Costa del Sol Elite Collection’, has been created by the provincial tourism board to do so, which carries out activities in the sector, 75 per cent of which are linked to Marbella.

The Marbella Luxury Weekend will focus on jewellery and gastronomy, and each of the participating firms will carry out specially created events for VIP clients.

With one of the greatest concentrations of luxury marques anywhere in Europe,  Puerto Banus is a natural home for the Luxury Weekend, during which time those invited will be given exclusive hospitality and viewings in relaxed, refined, and convivial settings overlooking the famous marina.

The presentations include cocktail parties at car showrooms, fashion shows and art galleries where super cars both current and historic will be shown alongside art, deluxe yachts, jewellery and high couture, followed by the finest culinary delights in this part of the world. On the menu are also some brand new world premieres and exciting product launches, so Puerto Bans will be the place to be.

Other sectors will be catering, services, leisure, technology and fashion.

Speakers include designers Victorio y Lucchino and David Delfin, and managers from companies including Tiffany’s, Inditex, and L’Oreal, as well as the President of Honour of the Spanish Luxury Association, Princess Beatrice of Orleans, amongst others.

Ferrari and Porsche will also be present, as well as Bulgari, Versace, and many others.



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Málaga Club de Fútbol and Centro Porsche Marbella have signed an agreement today with the prestigious and exclusive German company now the official sponsor of the Club until the end of the 2012/13 season. Both parties are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Following the association of the Club with the most prestigious and exclusive names, Centro Porsche Marbella has today become the official sponsor of Málaga Club de Fútbol.  Both pioneers and innovators, Porsche and Málaga Club de Fútbol share a common vision to the future, with values such as tolerance and respect for the environment.

As the official Blues and Whites sponsor, Centro Porsche Marbella will assign luxury vehicles to Málaga Club de Fútbol to use at official events.  As well as offering Málaga players very special offers on the purchase of any Porsche vehicle, Centro Porsche Marbella is also collaborating with Málaga Club de Fútbol in the development of projects and initiatives ahead of the imminent launch of the Málaga Business Club (MBC).

The signing took place in the press area in La Rosaleda, with Málaga Club de Fútbol´s General Manager Fernando Hierro, and the Director General of Safamotor representing Centro Porsche Marbella, Ángel Cuadrado García.  The media were witnesses to the signing, along with the Head of Public Relations and Communications of Porsche Ibérica, José Antonio Ruiz.

Once the sponsorship deal was signed, representatives from Málaga Club de Fútbol and Centro Porsche Marbella made an appearance on the pitch at la Rosaleda, along with first team players Julio Baptista and Sergio Sánchez.

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London Telegraph 9th March 2012

When did you last hear of anyone going to Marbella on a family holiday? Quite possibly it was when straw donkeys were still in vogue and entire herds of the creatures would be disgorged and carried aloft amid a sea of sombreros from charter planes on the tarmac at Gatwick. Since then, Marbella has been rather bypassed by the middle classes, in their tireless (occasionally tiresome) search for “the real” Spain, as though sweating it out in a remote mountain parador is somehow more authentic than having a lovely day at the beach followed by some light retail therapy and gambas al ajillo.

At the high end, celebrities have always flocked to this sunspot (at 300 days a year, it’s a dead cert for topping up the Eurotan), with its swanky designer emporia and megayachts in the harbour at neighbouring Puerto Banus. If it isn’t the cast of The Only Way is Essex hanging out (sic) in tiny swimwear, it’s Ivana Trump selflessly partying on behalf of Children for World Peace, or Eva Longoria, or Calum Best. You can read all about it at, if you must. The region also has a booming cosmetic surgery industry, as attested by the soft-focus clinica cosmetica billboards.

The tide of fashion turned with the arrival of the altogether classier Michelle Obama, who turned up for a summer break with one of her daughters, Sasha. She was swiftly followed by yet another arbiter of unassailable good taste; yes, me with my two daughters, aged nine and two. My husband even came too, because unlike the Leader of the Free World he wasn’t needed to stabilise plunging global markets or clash ideologies with the Senate.

And what I discovered was that Marbella is as realista as it gets; it is where Old Spain collides with New Spain, and the result couldn’t be more fascinating. First, our hotel, which was a perfect choice; never in my life have I enjoyed such marvellous people-watching as I did at the Marbella Club.


Set on the Golden Mile, the stretch of beach between Marbella town itself and the gaudier delights of Puerto Banus, The Marbella Club still retains an air of exclusivity and indeed, formality; no jeans in the à la carte restaurant, nobody wandering about public areas in bathers or bikinis, small boys in freshly pressed Tommy Hilfiger at breakfast and little Italian girls in bright white Esprit dresses.

A mixture of private villas and generously proportioned rooms set in lush gardens led down to the sea, past The Three Lions children’s club, run by a Briton who used to be a teacher and his polyglot staff of girls and chaps. There was an indoor area and an extensive garden, with a mini swimming pool. My two brought back plenty of artwork and stories about the English author who visited with her dog, giving each of them a free copy of her book; they were taken to the beach, too, to collect shells and make sandcastles.

Marbella is known for its reliable weather

The hours were 10am to 2pm – long enough for the parents to have a leisurely café con leche, a swim and a read, but not so long that the day was over by collection time. On most days my elder girl, Lily, had already sorted her own playdate with other girls at the club – there were plenty of British and Irish children – and we would sit by one of the pools and watch them all splashing and shrieking as even nicely dressed children are wont to do.

Most evenings we took a €10 (£8.30) taxi into Marbella old town to wander through the winding streets, browse in the shops and enjoy an aperitif. We ate outside, so the children could wander in the pedestrianised square between courses, where the greatest peril they faced was being squeezed to death by overattentive grandmothers.

As every parent knows, there’s nothing like a few hours apart to emphasise the simple pleasure to be had in togetherness; in shopping for fans and the mandatory flamenco dolls. My husband was initially sniffy that while Lily’s was made of china I insisted on the naff plastic one for her little sister, Tabitha, but as she’d wrenched the arms off it by bedtime, it turned out (as per) that mummy really did know best.

While Marbella was relaxed and relaxing – and I freely confess I’d have turned up my nose snootily, if anyone had suggested this – my favourite outing was our leisurely stroll along the esplanade to Puerto Banus, the bling capital of the Costa del Sol, with its cacophony of designer brands, Versace blondes with pricey trout pouts and toyboys in tow, Fendi handbags, Missoni frocks, Chloe belts and Dior sunglasses. I could have stood all day shamelessly slack-jawed, rubbernecking, had it not been for a preposterously unseasonable downpour, when we were soaked through to our smalls in seconds.

                                           ‘Most evenings we took a taxi into Marbella old town’

We tried to shelter by squeezing with the throng underneath Caroline Herrera’s sun awning. On the superyacht opposite, a permatanned silver fox sitting under cover toyed with his Rolls-Royce car keys and idly (or possibly, pointedly) raised and lowered his Spirit of Ecstasy statuette as his waiter fetched him another drink. As a symbol of the ennui of wealth it was unsurpassable, but I couldn’t help feeling he’d have more fun if he bailed out of his gilded cage and came back to the Marbella Club with us, even if he did have to walk there in wet underpants.

After a hot bath to warm us up, one of the children’s club staff came to babysit and we went to the gourmet restaurant, which was unforgettable. It was like being on the set of a Buñuel movie, peopled by the most extraordinary, verging-on-absurd characters: oligarchs surrounded by leggy lovelies young enough to be their granddaughters; four generations of the same family solemnly celebrating the birthday of a small boy on the verge of falling asleep by the sixth course; hipsters in Jean Paul Gautier; and the gran señora with the aristocratic posture in her original Chanel suit, seated alone at a table in the middle of the restaurant, round whom the waiters – craggy faithful retainers to a man – pirouetted and fussed with such deference.

My husband and I sat, agog, silent apart from devising back stories for the other diners: the discontented trophy wife, the oil-gas-and-minerals billionaire, the smitten newly weds with a secret.

I wouldn’t have been at all fazed if Penélope Cruz had strolled in, arms linked with Antonio Banderas. But actually, I’d venture that they were the ones missing out, for this was Spain at its most magnífico. Even without the straw donkeys.

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The Costa del Sol has been considered an international tourist destination for several decades. Nowadays, the modern infrastructures and an incomparable climate put the province of Malaga in first place on the Spanish Peninsula in terms of numbers of visitors.

The Costa del Sol became an international tourism resort in the second half of the last century. That was a time when a few wealthy people in search of something different came to these shores, while at the same time; mass tourism began to change the coast from a fishing and farming-based rural community to what it is today.

The building of golf courses was only one response to a growing demand for leisure facilities on the Costa del Sol. No longer were high-spending tourists satisfied with having a place to stay: they demanded something to do as well. Sophisticated discotheques, casinos, designer shopping malls and some of Spain’s finest restaurants now grace the shores of the Costa del Sol as well as the ever present sunshine.


Spain has one of the most varied climates in Europe, ranging from sun-soaked beaches to the snow bound ski resorts just outside Granada.

With an average of nearly twelve hours of sun daily, together with temperatures ranging between fifteen degrees Celsius in winter and high thirties during the summer, every day on the Costa Del Sol is a pleasure.

Many International owners buy property in Southern Spain to escape the depression of winter. Whether it is Western Europe’s grey, drizzly winters or Northern Europe’s harsh freezing winters, you can be assured that The Costa del Sol will always provide a smile.



Spain is home to some of the world’s top courses and has had a long tradition of supplying some of the greatest golfers ever to tread the world stage.

Whatever your standard of golf – from a single figure handicapper to an enthusiastic beginner, you are bound to be spoilt for choice with the selection of courses available.


The Spanish climate is perfect for tennis. Blue skies, perfect temperatures, everything you need to play tennis all the year round.

Water Sports

The warm, calm waters around the coast of Spain provide the perfect conditions for wind surfing, sailing, water skiing and motor sports.


Spain offers a variety of excellent ski resorts, providing good quality skiing for both beginners and the advanced skier with Sierra Nevada only a couple of hours away from Marbella.