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 Bahia de la plata




Bahia de la plata – 2 Bed 2 Bath just  203,500 euros.

Finance Available

Private Terrace Plunge Pools

Unparalleled Sea Views

Luxury Beachfront  Apartments

Highest Luxury Spec Fixtures & Fittings

Amazing reductions of up to 72%   

Example: 2 bed penthouse with large terrace, plunge pool & sea views  Was 935,000

Now just 261,000 euros

Bahia de la plata 

Metta Estates luxury beachfront Marbella property – Bahia de la plata


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The go ahead has been given to the Saudi Royal Family to create a project of over 1400 new homes near Estepona.

The project, will include a 6 star hotel and world class facilities and is planned for the El Paraiso area. A local Minister was quoted as saying “Along with the new Port that the Qatari´s are developing in Marbella, this is the most exciting thing to have happened to the Costa del Sol for years, there will be no expense spared and it will attract people from all over the world”

Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, who is a regular visitor to Marbella and the Costa del Sol, was granted planning permission from the Town Hall in Estepona to create the development.

The prince, who is successor to the Saudi throne, had originally applied for planning permission in 2008.

The project will net Estepona Town Hall €2 million in planning fees alone which are going to be put towards new infrastructure projects, and is yet another indication of large external investment from foreign investors looking for opportunities.

Prince Salman is regularly seen here on the Costa del Sol with his entourage of over 100 people and sailing through Estepona, Marbella and Puerto Banus on his Super Yacht. He is due to visit the resort this summer.

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A SECOND runway has been opened at Malaga doubling the amount of flights operating at the already busy airport.

Up to 70 flights an hour can now operate compared with 37 before. Construction  began back in 2007 and large new planes such as Airbus 380 and the Boeing 747 can now use the airport.

The total cost of the project has been calculated at more than €400 million and is yet another sign of the investment being made in the Costa del Sol and the infrastructure here.

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MILLIONAIRE businessman Flavio Briatore is to open a ‘Billionaire Club’ here in Marbella.

 The former Formula One mogul and football club owner – who famously dated supermodel Naomi Campbell – is due to open the venue on Marbella’s most exclusive spot the Golden Mile next month.

The venture will be the fourth Billionaire Club to be launched  along with branches in Istanbul, Monaco and Sardinia.

The 58-year-old Italian – married to Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci, 28 – is known to have a love of Marbella with his yacht, Force Blue, regularly seen in Puerto Banus.

The club will open on the site of the former La Leyenda restaurant on July 5 with Metta Estates staff invited to the opening party.

Posted by & filed under Marbella property, Metta Estates. second edition of the Marbella Luxury Weekend will be held in Puerto Banus from May 31 to June 3.

The mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, said it was an opportunity to boost Marbella’s image as a luxury destination throughout the world.

A unique brand, the ‘Costa del Sol Elite Collection’, has been created by the provincial tourism board to do so, which carries out activities in the sector, 75 per cent of which are linked to Marbella.

The Marbella Luxury Weekend will focus on jewellery and gastronomy, and each of the participating firms will carry out specially created events for VIP clients.

With one of the greatest concentrations of luxury marques anywhere in Europe,  Puerto Banus is a natural home for the Luxury Weekend, during which time those invited will be given exclusive hospitality and viewings in relaxed, refined, and convivial settings overlooking the famous marina.

The presentations include cocktail parties at car showrooms, fashion shows and art galleries where super cars both current and historic will be shown alongside art, deluxe yachts, jewellery and high couture, followed by the finest culinary delights in this part of the world. On the menu are also some brand new world premieres and exciting product launches, so Puerto Bans will be the place to be.

Other sectors will be catering, services, leisure, technology and fashion.

Speakers include designers Victorio y Lucchino and David Delfin, and managers from companies including Tiffany’s, Inditex, and L’Oreal, as well as the President of Honour of the Spanish Luxury Association, Princess Beatrice of Orleans, amongst others.

Ferrari and Porsche will also be present, as well as Bulgari, Versace, and many others.