Founded in 2010 by Robert Braine, Metta Estates grew out of the recession into a solid real estate company. “If you can establish yourself in such an economic environment it provides a firm footing for the future,” says Robert, who rather than following a path of expansion has chosen to create a boutique agency that offers a very personal, hands-on service to its clients.

“Companies often speak of service and a personalised approach, but it isn’t something you can truly provide if you are too big, too commercially minded or don’t have the right mind-set. I have kept my team small, handpicked every member for their knowledge, efficiency and service style, and lead by example.” Indeed, his commitment to his clients is such that he is regularly called upon during the evening or weekend. “If a client needs me I will not make them wait until the official opening hours of the office, that’s not my way of doing things. My phone is on 24 hours a day 7 days a week for my clients”

A process of referral

“I often think that a referral is the truest form of client satisfaction,” says Robert. “After all, you must be confident that the service is good if you refer family or associates, so I take the many client referrals we receive as a true compliment.” Included in this process is repeat business, but also the fact that more and more homeowners are placing their properties with Metta Estates. “They come to us because they know we produce results.

For our part, we don’t take on every single home we could as we want to know the properties we list and be sure we can sell them.”

The focus of Metta Estates is therefore clear, concentrating on the luxury property segment and in particular in the areas between Sotogrande and Marbella East. “We don’t want to handle everything. If you try to do that you dilute the quality of your service, and that is exactly where Metta Estate’s competitive edge is, so we specialise in mid to high end homes above all between Marbella and Estepona.” This clear focus also leads to a greater expertise within the designated areas, enabling Robert and his team to offer authoritative information and advice.

What’s more, this is backed up by a comprehensive marketing strategy that uses both conventional and modern online platforms to promote the properties offered for sale by Metta Estates. “We are young enough to have affinity with today’s marketing environment, but also sensible enough to know that marketing is what brings the client to you; what you do from that moment on is down to your service and efficacy. In other words, real estate remains a personal, service-driven business in which it is the personal contact that counts.”

Buying in Marbella

Robert has created excellent relationships with many of the leading developers in Marbella and the surrounding areas meaning that he offers his clients the best options before projects are launched to the market “We have had great success in securing the best plots on new projects before they are officially launched to the market due to our strong sales performance in previous developments, my clients love to get in ahead of the crowd and choose the plot with the best view for their dream home”

“The choice between Marbella and other beauty spots is a very personal one, and often driven by a chance referral or the fact that someone falls in love with a certain place. Having said that, it can’t be denied that the climate, setting and lifestyle offered here are highly appealing, and seduce people from myself to my clients. It’s a privilege to live and work in Marbella, and having established the company at the height of the recession it is gratifying to be working in a newly dynamic environment as we’ve experienced the past few years.”

The demand for the properties and lifestyle of this region is as strong as ever, particularly among British, Scandinavian, Belgian and Middle Eastern buyers, with the Golden Visa facility opening up further markets by offering residency to non-EU buyers investing in properties of €500,000.

For Robert, therefore, this remains a highly interesting time to buy and invest in real estate in the Marbella area, and he expects growth to continue for some time at sensible, sustainable levels. For a personal consultation please contact us or drop by our offices at Laguna Village next to Puro Beach Club.