When buying property overseas, transferring substantial sums of money abroad, it is likely you will be required to make payment in the currency of the country you are purchasing in. The costs involved in such a transaction, both the exchange rate and associated transfer costs, can be considerable. In addition, if there are several payments required over a period of time, it is important to ensure the cost of the currency exchange does not increase over time due to an adverse exchange rate movement.

Using a local, high street bank can be an extremely costly option, but there is an alternative that will save money where possible. A foreign exchange specialist will be able to secure a better rate and often involve lower transfer costs.

There are many benefits to using a foreign exchange specialist:

  • Better exchange rates
  • Direct access to a dedicated team of experts
  • Fast transfers
  • Low costs
  • No commission or bank charges
  • Fixed exchange rate up to 24 months
  • Special offers

Metta Estates partner with Moneycorp, an established, reputable company within the foreign exchange market that has been helping clients move their money around the world since 1979. Moneycorp are able to offer all clients a dedicated service, securing the best foreign exchange products on the market.

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