By Nok is a company with more than 30 years of experience, that is record time has converted itself to be one of the leading companies in the Architecure, Construction, Development and Marketing sectors on the market. By Nok is a company born by the fusion between Ajea Invest, Norwegian Investment fond and Bänsae desarrollos with highly experienced workers with more than 20 years of experience in the market, developing more than 5.000 houses during this time.

Thanks to the integration of services and the large volume of projects that By Nok is currently developing, along with the low running costs of the company achieved by the financial support from By Noks numerous head offices around Spain, By Nok can offer the best quality at the lowest competitive price on the market.

By Nok is currently involved directly in more than 60 different projects in Marbella and surrounding areas on the Mediterranean coast summing up to over 100.000.000 euros due to our clients firman all over the world, although predominantly from the Scandinavian Region. All of By Noks clients have one common factor, being the trust that they place in the services that the company offers and the total proven satisfaction with the work that is done.

Metta Estates are official partners of By Nok. 

For further information or a free quote please contact us. All Metta Estates clients receive a discount.